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2023 Spanish Energy Exhibition-Genera

Hoenergy is waiting for you at the Madrid fair

Location: IFEMA Madrid Spain

Date: 21-23 February 2023

Booth: 10G24

Energia Madrid is one of the largest and most influential environmental energy exhibitions in Spain. Since its inception in 2003, Energia has been an international exhibition dedicated to the environmental energy industry and has been successfully held for 17 years, attracting dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and other industry players from all over the world. Decision makers, distributors and potential customers from the industry meet here to discuss their business plans.

Spain is a world leader in all solar-related technology industries. Spain ranks third in Europe in the solar photovoltaic industry and fifth in Europe and eighth in the world in terms of installed power. In terms of solar thermal power, Spain is the country with the largest installed capacity. Regarding the concentration of solar energy, Spain ranks first in the world with the installed capacity of its commercial systems. In addition, the world's leading companies in the thermoelectric industry are in Spain. 78% of the projects related to solar thermal power are carried out by Spanish corporate bodies.

According to the latest data, by 2030, solar energy is expected to reach a capacity of 47.1 TWh, making it the country's main source of electricity, followed by wind (31.0 TWh), combined cycle plants (24.5 TWh), hydroelectricity (23.0 TWh), combined heat and power (8.5 TWh) and nuclear power (7.1 TWh). Overall, the demand for energy storage is expected to reach 2.3 TWh. In this scenario, renewables will account for 70% of Spain's electricity mix, while solar will reach a cumulative installed capacity of around 77 GW, followed by wind at 47.5 GW.

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Hoenergy becomes 1 of 2 enterprises who win the bid of SGCC both in residential and commercial projects

Hoenergy becomes 1 o

Hoenergy beat the leading enterprises in the industry, to win the bid of State Grid Cooperation of China with 900MWh project, become the one of two enterprises who won both in residential and commercial projects respectively.

April 06, 2023 • Di Hoenergy
Hoenergy as a techniqual expert enterprise has invited to draft the energy storage system acceptance criterial

Hoenergy as a techni

The General Requirement for Filed Acceptance Inspection of Electrochemical Energy Storage System which is draft by Hoenergy team will be published in 1st, April, 2023, it will be the most authorized standard commercial energy storage project acceptance criteria.

April 04, 2023 • Di Hoenergy
2023 Czech Electronics Exhibition-AMPER

2023 Czech Electroni

Organized by ITALIA EXHIBITION GROUPS.P. A, Czech Republic Brno Electronic Power Communication Lighting Exhibition (AMPER) covers seven major theme sectors, including industrial electronics, radio and television, communications, computers, home electronics, electrician, and lighting. Founded in 1992, world-renowned electronic information product companies are generally optimistic about the influence of this exhibition.

March 15, 2023 • Di Hoenergy

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