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Perfect ending -- The first show of Hoenergy Intersolar Germany Exhibition was successful

On the last day of the exhibition, the on-site enthusiasm is still unabated. Exhibitors are seizing the last time to find suitable products and partners. The COVID-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022 have dragged down the global economy and trade development and caused a serious energy crisis in Europe. At a time when Europe is firmly committed to the strategic direction of energy independence and the urgent needs of the development of new energy industry, the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich is at the right time adding vitality to the European PV and energy storage market.

Hoenergy appeared on the international stage this time. Although it was unable to display all products due to the impact of the epidemic, it has been recognized and favored by many merchants with its long-term accumulated technical ability of a full range of energy storage products and the distinctive concept of digital energy storage system. Hoenergy’s booth focuses on the product portfolio and system architecture of various scenarios of residential energy storage system. While keep improving each product, it integrates digital technology into each link of energy storage system to make energy management more efficient and intelligent.

The success of Hoenergy's first show in this exhibition not only reaped customers and orders, but also verified the strategic value of the company's efforts. Hoenergy will take this exhibition as an opportunity to accelerate the progress of its activities, continuously deepen the application of digital energy storage technology, and bring to customers more efficient, safe and intelligent energy storage systems and products.

The Intersolar Exhibition in Munich in 2022 ended sucessfully, and the new journey of Hoenergy global energy storage market is rising day by day!

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Hoenergy becomes 1 of 2 enterprises who win the bid of SGCC both in residential and commercial projects

Hoenergy becomes 1 o

Hoenergy beat the leading enterprises in the industry, to win the bid of State Grid Cooperation of China with 900MWh project, become the one of two enterprises who won both in residential and commercial projects respectively.

April 06, 2023 • Di Hoenergy
Hoenergy as a techniqual expert enterprise has invited to draft the energy storage system acceptance criterial

Hoenergy as a techni

The General Requirement for Filed Acceptance Inspection of Electrochemical Energy Storage System which is draft by Hoenergy team will be published in 1st, April, 2023, it will be the most authorized standard commercial energy storage project acceptance criteria.

April 04, 2023 • Di Hoenergy
2023 Czech Electronics Exhibition-AMPER

2023 Czech Electroni

Organized by ITALIA EXHIBITION GROUPS.P. A, Czech Republic Brno Electronic Power Communication Lighting Exhibition (AMPER) covers seven major theme sectors, including industrial electronics, radio and television, communications, computers, home electronics, electrician, and lighting. Founded in 1992, world-renowned electronic information product companies are generally optimistic about the influence of this exhibition.

March 15, 2023 • Di Hoenergy

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