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Over 550 MW PV systems destroyed or damaged IN THE WAR

News from Solar Energy Association of Ukraine:  Over 550 MW PV systems destroyed or damaged in the war.

Especially residential PV installations in the Ukraine were destroyed by Russian missiles.

Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a humanitarian catastrophe, terrible economic consequences, and also led to thousands of ruined destinies. Also renewable energy capacities are severly affected.

On the preliminary estimations done by Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, over 550 MW of solar power plants utility scale PV and rooftops were damaged or destroyed. Domestic solar power plants were also damaged across the country.

Aditionally Vitalii Shestak, CEO of SolarWind Systems (Kyiv)  reported on LinkedIn: Most private solar power plants (SPP) in Ukraine before the war were on-grid type [88% of 45,000 plants]. During the invasion of the russian federation, many settlements/districts remained without electricity.

After the war, people have already begun upgrading their on-grid stations to off-grid or hybrid ones. Such an upgrade involves the installation of an additional hybrid or off-grid inverter and batteries. Part of the installed panels can be switched to a new inverter to reduce the budget for the modernization.

Well, it’s a truth that hybrid stations have a larger cost of construction, but they provide energy independence.

Hoenergy believes that there certainly is a bright future for all of people who embrace the hope. It should be a brighter one waiting for us.

——————Hoenergy helps you hold your energy.

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