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The Differences between BAPV and BIPV

So...What’s the differences between BAPV and PIPV?

Wait, what do they mean.. you may ask?

Here are the explanation:

---The BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaics) method consists of fitting modules to existing surfaces via superimposition once construction has been completed.

-------------This is the approach adopted for traditional photovoltaic solutions.

---The BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) method includes the replacement of the traditional construction element. This offers a dual function, namely to produce energy and to provide a construction element for the finished building.

-------------This is the favored approach when designing an "active" architectural product.

With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the integration of photovoltaics and building brings more economic benefits.

With the further decline of photovoltaic costs, the huge market for photovoltaic building integration began to attract the attention of investors. Yeah, we call it BIPV.

By the way, the BIPV solar mounting structure should follow the relevant specifications and technical requirements of "building materials". It is not simply "tied together" mechanically, but is highly centralized and integrated, which is "1+1=1". That also means it require even complicated technology compared to the BAPV.

The combination of photovoltaics and buildings can effectively reduce building energy consumption and vigorously develop low-carbon and zero-carbon buildings, which has important practical significance for energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection.


----So we say, BIPV has played a role as a building material as a part of the building. It is a combination of photovoltaic products and building materials. It can replace part of the traditional building materials.

----While the components in the BAPV building are only attached to the building through a simple support structure. After the photovoltaic modules are removed, the building functions are still intact.

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