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Hoenergy at GENERA, Spain, Kicks Off 2023 Global Energy Storage Tour

The 26th edition of GENERA Energy Spain was officially held on 21 February 2023 at 10am Madrid time at the IFEMA Expo Centre. The event attracted hundreds of exhibitors, as well as leaders, professionals, enthusiasts, and demanders of the new energy industry from all over the world.

As one of Europe's most prestigious exhibitions for renewable energy and energy efficiency, GENERA focus on the latest trends and technologies for sustainable energy development. The exhibition brings together innovative companies and specialist organisations specialising in solar, wind, hydro, chemical storage, biomass, and geothermal energy, highlighting the most advanced technologies, products and services.

ISC has long been involved in the energy storage sector, focusing on innovative applications of digital technology in energy storage systems and actively expanding into overseas energy markets. In this exhibition, we launched a new series of energy storage products: Home Energy Storage All-in-One, Hybrid Inverter and Energy Storage Battery, which attracted many business visitors with their outstanding design and functional features.

The Hybrid Inverter allows for bi-directional conversion and flow of electrical energy, with a built-in DC-DC module to optimise the charging and discharging of batteries and safety management. It can be paired with Hongzheng's high and low voltage batteries to provide customers with energy storage system solutions for diverse scenarios. In addition, ZVS and ZCS technologies are used to ensure high safety, high efficiency and low interference while achieving seamless multi-mode switching, thus enhancing the stability, reliability, and value contribution of the overall energy storage system.

Hongzheng's battery modules use lithium iron phosphate cells and apply self-developed automotive-grade BMS battery management system to triple protect the safety of the batteries. Newly designed high-voltage energy storage battery with SOC petal-shaped design, delicate and agile. Adopt stackable design, flexible expansion; dummy-proof plug, plug and play, easy installation, is a high-performance, scalable, stable and reliable battery module products.

During the exhibition, Begoña Villacis, Deputy Mayor of Madrid, visited the Hongzheng booth and expressed his warm welcome to Hongzheng's active participation in the Spanish energy storage market, as well as his appreciation and encouragement to the quality of Hongzheng's products and professional team. Spain's energy structure is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, and we hope that Hongzheng Energy Storage will contribute to the development of new energy in Spain with its quality products and services.

The exhibition ended successfully and we look forward to more partners coming to negotiate! We are looking forward to cooperating with you and helping you to double carbon! Please stay tuned for more exciting information!

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