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Hoenergy Share the Report of Solar Energy Storage in Shanghai City Expo

From October 29th to 31st, the "World City Day" theme event Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo (City Expo) was successfully held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

In order to actively respond to the theme spirit of the Shanghai City Expo and help achieve carbon neutrality at an early date, the Green Building Operation and Management Professional Committee of Shanghai Green Building Association in conjunction with Shanghai Building Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other units jointly held a series of forums with the theme of "Building Green and Low-Carbon Buildings to Help Achieve Double-Carbon Goals" in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center at 1:30 pm on the 29th.

The forum meeting was chaired by Yang Jianrong, Director of the Operation Management Committee of Shanghai Green Building Association and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd. During the meeting, many experts in the industry gave relevant keynote speeches on titles like "green and low-carbon buildings", "Research on dual carbon control goals and technology paths in the building sector for 30.60", "From carbon market to carbon neutrality", "Building Environmental thermal comfort and realization of dual-carbon goals”, “Building dual-carbon, green intelligence-based”, “Analysis of energy storage situation and application scenarios under the background of dual-carbon” etc..Also, the current situation, opportunities and challenges of "low carbon building" and excellent solutions in the fields were comprehensively discussed, which gave inspirations and touches to the industry insiders present.

At the invitation of the organizer, Yang Xiaoguang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Hoenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd. (short as Hoenergy), attended and delivered a keynote speech on "Analysis of Energy Storage Situation and Application Scenarios in the Background of Dual Carbon", focusing on the introduction of energy storage systems in the positive impact of applications in different scenarios. With the vigorous support of global policies, the energy storage industry has entered a rapid development track, and the return on investment has improved significantly.

The successful conclusion of this meeting also indicates that a new journey has begun. Hoenergy, as the only energy storage company invited to this meeting, feels great honor and responsibility. Hoenergy will with its unswerving strategic layout and unswerving fighting spirit, contribute to the dual-carbon goal of China and the world with high-quality ESS products.

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