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Hoenergy won the double award of energy storage industry core product and EMS system

On November 12, 2022, the 9th China International Solar Energy Storage and Charger Conference was grandly held at the Shanghai Sheraton Hotel. The conference was hosted by the Alliance of Energy Storage Leaders, and invited academician teams, senior leaders of power generation and power grid groups, leaders of energy storage industry chain enterprises, market product and technical experts, etc. to give speeches and exchanges.

In the energy storage innovation forum, Yang Xiaoguang, deputy general manager of Hoenergy, shared a keynote speech on "Business Exploration of Digital Energy Storage Based on EMS under Distributed Strong Configuration". The international situation is grim, and the energy crisis is intensifying. The establishment of an independent and reliable new energy system is the common expectation of the world. Therefore, for the world, photovoltaic + energy storage has become the hottest energy solution at present, and Hoenergy smart EMS empowering energy storage with multiple value attributes is the most urgent need at present.

The EMS energy management system independently developed by Hoenergy has passed the certification of the Cape Laboratory, and together with BMS and PCS, it has built a cloud-edge-end collaborative security management system for the energy storage system, realizing the full life cycle management of the energy storage system, providing new energy, shared energy storage, In various scenarios such as distributed energy storage and micro-grid, VPP, power sales companies, operation and maintenance companies and other participants provide safe, efficient and traceable energy solutions.

With its unique technical advantages and system concepts, Hoenergy stood out from many outstanding companies and won the double awards of "2022 Best Energy Storage Industry Core Product Supplier" and "2022 Best Energy Storage EMS Supplier". This award represents the full affirmation of Hoenergy's product R&D capabilities and quality by the organizers and people in the energy storage industry, and it is also the encouragement and expectation for Hoenergy Energy Storage to help achieve the double carbon goal and create a vision of a globally influential smart energy storage solution provider.

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