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How to save money from Residential Solar Batteries backup

As homeowners’ energy needs change, they can scale up their solar power systems to meet their changing energy needs.  This includes adding more solar panels and batteries to meet these changing energy needs.  If a homeowner suddenly makes an electric vehicle purchase and needs to charge it, their residential solar power system will be able to meet the increase in demand for energy.

With the power of a battery backup system, homeowners can become less reliant on grid power, lowering bills. When more energy is generated and then stored, credits can be acquired from your electric company. Battery backups save money!

Homeowners could also benefit from Load shifting & Peak shaving. The battery packs are primarily charged via solar with off-peak grid charging used where it was economically sensible. It will store the electricity when the energy is cheap (off peak time/supply charge)and discharging when it is expensive(peak time).

VPP (Virtual Power Plants) connected through a cloud-based technology that enables grid stability and revenues from renewables and batteries. Besides, it boosts system's efficiency.

——————Hoenergy helps you hold your energy.

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At the Intersolar exhibition in Germany, Hoenergy & DX jointly created a household storage solution

At the Intersolar ex

From June 14th to 16th local time, Intersolar Europe 2023 was successfully held at the Munich International Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. On the occasion of this grand event, Hoenergy joined forces with DX Energy to demonstrate the latest solutions for household storage integration and photovoltaic integration for customers who came to the exhibition.

June 19, 2023 • By Hoenergy
Shanghai SNEC 2023 International Photovoltaic Exhibition

Shanghai SNEC 2023 I

From May 24th to 26th, 2023, Hoenergy participated in the Shanghai New Energy Conference (SNEC). The exhibition site was very popular, and the number of visitors on the first day exceeded 100,000.

June 01, 2023 • By Hoenergy
Hoenergy becomes 1 of 2 enterprises who win the bid of SGCC both in residential and commercial projects

Hoenergy becomes 1 o

Hoenergy beat the leading enterprises in the industry, to win the bid of State Grid Cooperation of China with 900MWh project, become the one of two enterprises who won both in residential and commercial projects respectively.

April 06, 2023 • By Hoenergy

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