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LFP Battery Pack Workshop

Most of our peers don’t adopt the technology we have------ to sort the cell with an automated machine or do plasma cleaning. But to make sure all of our cells are guaranteed to meet the best quality of the battery, we were doomed to do it.

To heighten security, we use PCBs instead of wiring to fix the cells, which also is still uncommon nowadays. Because it certainly increases the costs of production.

We select the world's top brand of intelligent welding & positioning robots to assist with welding parts.

When it comes to the MES system, very few battery workshops have their own system, which can track the whole process of production.

Cell Sorting

I will lead you to visit the production process of our factory. This is the first step of our production process, cell sorting. In this step, we divide the cells into three different grades of ABC through automated mechanical equipment, and we only use A-grade cells. In addition, through sorting, the consistency of cell parameters is guaranteed, and the same or similar ones will be placed in a module in order to ensure the quality of the battery.


After the cell is sorted, it is our cell cleaning process to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the  cell, which also prepares for the welding of the battery to reduce defective products during welding.

Module Fixing

In this step, we put cells with the same or similar parameters in a module, and then use automated machines to fix them. This operating procedure is set in advance by our programmers.


In the previous steps, the cell ends were all facing down, and in this step, we flipped the battery module over by a robotic arm and a reversing machine for subsequent production operations.

Laser Welding

We use laser welding here to weld PCB and other components. The precision of this operation is very high, and our welding pinholes are 12.

Interface Installation

We will install the interface of the battery module here. According to different product types, some interfaces are placed outside the module, and some are inside the module.

Laser Welding

Here is where we will do the final weilding of the battery module. The welding equipment we use here is ABB robotic arm welding. Compared with other brands of welding equipment, ABB robotic arms are more precise and are a first-class brand, so this further ensures the quality of our products.

Voltage Detection

After the welding of the battery module is completed, we will conduct a voltage test on it. The test process takes less than three seconds. The qualified products will go to the next production process, and the unqualified products will be automatically returned to NG by machinery.


Here we will assemble the final battery pack for the battery, as well as the assembly of BMS and some wire strings.


After assembly, we will use our inspection machine to conduct a full range of inspections on the battery, including BMS test, charge and discharge conditions, etc.

It is worth mentioning that each of our production processes is traceable, each battery module has its own exclusive code, and we will scan the code for each production process.

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