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Necessity Of The Energy Storage Industry

To ensure the sustainable development of the earth, wind energy, light energy, and water energy play an important role in modern life. But at the same time, there are also problems that their power generation is unstable, random, and intermittent.

Therefore, under the goal of global carbon neutrality, clean energy will gradually replace fossil energy, and wind power and photovoltaic power generation will become the absolute main force of clean energy, and the installed capacity will continue to increase.

Under the background of double carbon, the new energy industry is developing rapidly, and the importance of energy storage continues to increase. Energy storage plays an important role in power generation, power grid and users in the power system.

In terms of power generation, the energy storage device effectively solves the problems of unstable, intermittent, and uncontrollable power generation of new energy sources. In addition, energy storage can avoid losses caused by frequent start and stop of conventional generator sets; In terms of power grids, energy storage can realize peak shaving and valley filling, frequency regulation and voltage regulation, guarantee the reliability of power supply, and improve flexibility; In terms of users, energy storage not only brings convenience to factories, shopping malls and large-scale construction, but can also be used as energy for household power generation.

In general, with the popularization of new energy wind power and photovoltaics, the demand for energy storage lithium-ion batteries will continue to increase. Under the guidance of the global carbon reduction action target, energy storage batteries will usher in historic development opportunities.

Hoenergy household energy storage all-in-one system uses flexible battery modular design and integrates inverter, EMS, and UPS management systems to create an efficient, safe and intelligent residential ESS. It not only meets various energy needs such as uninterrupted switching power supply and remote control, but also configures intelligent operation schemes for electricity consumption habits, peak and valley electricity prices, bringing economic, safe and convenient operation experience to the family.

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