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REplus Event(Solar Power International 2022)

Recently, SPI, the largest solar energy exhibition in North America, was held in Anaheim, California, and thousands of exhibitors gathered to focus on the development trend of the energy industry in the new era and explore the direction of energy development.

Under the dual-carbon target, photovoltaic and energy storage ushered in unprecedented development opportunities, and although the industry is facing short-term supply chain pressure, difficulties cannot stop the popularity of SPI North America Solar Exhibition.

Hoenergy photovoltaic products are unveiled in all lines

At the exhibition, Hoenergy Power energy storage inverter unveiled a full line, the product power segment covers 5kW to 12kW, and the American version of low-voltage and high-voltage inverters used in household scenes is favored by the audience. These products can realize multi-mode seamless switching, intelligent switching of various application modes, seamless switching of power grid blackouts, and high-frequency isolation and efficient conversion of energy storage. In addition, on the basis of ensuring safety and reliability, the charging and discharging efficiency can reach more than 95%. Security measures have been pre-set for various abnormal risks to ensure that the occurrence and spread of risks are prevented in a timely manner.

Hoenergy Power energy storage inverter meets the needs of small and medium-sized residential photovoltaic systems, and can be easily expanded according to user needs in the later stage. In the field of household inverters, Hoenergy Power inverters attract the audience to stop and consult with their high conversion efficiency and high return on investment.

The industrial and commercial DC cabin display area was once crowded. BESS-CAB-W126H industrial and commercial DC cabin with rated battery capacity of up to 126kWh, using safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries, meets the requirements of IEC/UL/GB standard advanced battery management system, multi-sampling point coverage, real-time data feedback convenient installation of integrated cabinet design; IP55 protection class/C5 anti-corrosion class, easy to cope with outdoor harsh environments.

Industrial-grade temperature-controlled air conditioners ensure optimal cell operating temperatures and extend service life. Built-in fire protection system, effective fire extinguishing and anti-re-ignition. The modular design of the battery makes it easier to replace parts and meet the needs of many complex scenarios.

The strength of energy storage system solutions is eye-catching

In order to alleviate the problems of domestic power shortage and unstable power grid in North America, Hoenergy Power also exhibited energy storage solutions at this exhibition. In the field of energy storage applications, the iNV-HB1-US8.0 energy storage series inverter and the iBAT-R-5.12H high-voltage stacked battery play a combined fist, and the maximum capacity that can be connected in parallel is 30.72kWh.

Hoenergy Power's battery solution uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell material, which improves safety and efficiency through modular design, which is not only easier to install, but also greatly enhances the flexibility of energy storage capacity requirements.

Leveraging its strong R&D technical strength, Hoenergy Power develops tailor-made products and solutions for customers, so that households, industrial and commercial users around the world can benefit from sustainable energy. From the core to the design – to the innovation of the product; Hoenergy Power in-depth layout research and development, the practice of sustainable innovation, hope that through the entire system solution so that everyone can maximize the use of photovoltaic energy self-sufficiency, reduce the cost of electricity.

On the road of innovation in energy storage, Hoenergy Power has always adhered to its original intention, looked up at the stars and was down-to-earth.

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