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Hoenergy's newest product, the D-Cube H PV ESS Cabinet, goes live!

In recent years, under the trend of increasing global energy tension and carbon reduction, the industrial and commercial energy storage market has been developing rapidly at home and abroad. Hoenergy has been focusing on the in-depth integration of digital technology and the energy storage industry for many years, and after months of research and polishing, we are proud to launch a new product: D-Cube H Smart PV ESS Cabinet (50kW/100kWh).

Following the spirit of Hoenergy's "3S same source, self-creation and self-research", this product is a perfect combination of PV hybrid inverter and lithium battery system, which can solve the three major user pain points of revenue, operation and maintenance, and safety, and make industrial and commercial users worry-free about distribution and storage.

Hoenergy D-Cube PV ESS Cabinet adopts the All-in-one design concept, which highly integrates hybrid inverter, Li-ion battery storage system, fire protection system and air conditioner into one. The PV access power can reach 75kW, and the multi-way MPPT supports the access of rooftop modules in different directions, which greatly improves the efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity and meets the energy needs of users.

The inverter output power reaches 50kW and can withstand 1.1 times long-term load impact resistance, ensuring the stability and reliability of power output. At the same time, D-Cube's integrated design has a small footprint to meet the industrial and commercial application scenarios; and with IP54 protection level, it can easily cope with various outdoor installation environments.

In terms of safety, D-Cube all-in-one cabinet adopts high-performance electric core with a cycle life of more than 6,000 times, which ensures the long-term stable operation of the system. In addition, D-Cube has a built-in lightning protection device and a high-precision leakage protection system, which can effectively protect the system in bad weather or unexpected situations. What's more, D-Cube is also equipped with a two-stage fire extinguishing system. From the electric core to the Pack, and then to the whole cabinet, the intelligent BMS management system and fire protection system can detect and eliminate possible safety hazards in a timely manner to ensure the safe use of users.

In addition, D-Cube integrated cabinet adopts the hybrid inverter with off-grid and on-grid operation modes, which not only ensures smooth operation in various environments and provides users with uninterrupted power support, but also realises the expansion of the power capacity of multiple parallel machines and meets the different configuration requirements of users. Especially suitable for Germany and other European markets, in the case of grid stability, to meet the user's self-generated self-consumption and peak and valley arbitrage demand; encountered power outages and can provide emergency power backup function to protect the user's power needs. In addition, the function of connecting diesel generator also brings convenience to users in Africa and the Middle East.

D-Cube H Smart PV ESS Cabinet is powerful, easy to install and use, smarter and friendlier to users in operation. Through its D-Galaxy intelligent cloud monitoring system, users can remotely monitor the operation status and revenue data through mobile, and set scheduling parameters and software upgrades online, which saves operation and maintenance costs and makes it more convenient for users to carry out power energy management.

Every innovation in the field of energy storage is changing the pattern of new energy development. Hoenergy, as an innovative force in the green energy industry, will insist on driving the company's development with technological innovation, continuously improving the spectrum of energy storage products, deepening the layout of the energy storage business, and looking forward to working with more industrial and commercial enterprises around the globe to promote the development of green energy and create a better future!

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