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LV Battery

Hoenergy LFP lithium-ion battery use Superior Management System and Plug & Play technology to make installation easy. It is a high performance, scalable, stable and reliable product.
Hoenergy LV Battery


LFP lithium-ion cell

2.56kWh capacity, life cycles >6000

High safety

With superior vehicle-level BMS

High adaptability

Wide temperature tolerance -10°C~50°C

Flexible configuration

Scalable to 10.24/15.36kWh based on needs

Hoenergy Battery iBAT-M-2.5L Datasheet >>


High Performance

LFP prismatic battery cell,high safety

Small Volum & High Capacity

Modular drawer style design, battery capacity 5.32kWh

Easy to Install

Fool-proofing design,plug and play

long service life

Fool-proofing design,plug and play

High Safety & Reliable

With superior vehicle-level BMS,more reliable protection functions

Flexiable Applications

Scalable to 21.28kWh/31.92kWh based on needs

Low-voltage Battery RL Series

High Performance

LFP battery cell, safe and reliable 24-hour standby power,
worry free in case of blackout
Single battery 5. 12kWh, expandable to 30.72kWh

Economic & Intelligent

Self-use PV generation to reduce carbon emissions
Daytime charge and discharge at night to save electricity bill

Easy to Install

Plug and play, easy to install
Stackable battery packs, flexible expansion of standby power

iBAT-R-5.12L Datasheet >>

Low-voltage Wall-mounted Battery

High Performance

A-level LFP battery cell, high safety

Long service life

DOD up to 939%, cycle life≥6000

High Safety & Reliable

With superior vehicle-level BMS, more reliable protection functions

Quick commissioning

Autamatic ID assignment

Easy to install

Wall-mounted design, small footprint

iBAT-W-5.12L Datasheet >>

LV Battery Datasheet

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