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Utility Battery Storage System


Safety & Reliability

▶ Lithium iron phosphate battery, higher energy density and longer cycle life:
▶ Mutilevel BMS management system, multi-sampling point coverage with real-time data feedback, more safe and intelligent operation management

Convenient Installation

▶ Easy and convenient installation for battery cluster, plug and play;
▶ IP54 protection and C3 anti-corrosion grade, easily cope with harsh outdoor environments.

Operational Assurance

▶ Industrial-grade itelligent air conditioner & functional unit compartment design ensure the best operating temperature of battery cells to prolong the life span;
▶ Thermal management system links with battery management system for real-time and precise temperature control, keeping the temperature difference between the cellss 5°C.

Flexible and convenient

▶Easy Operation and Maintence Double-door design in front of container, fast maintenance for core components;
▶Multi-standard cabinet types to meet demands of a variety of application scenarios.

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