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Hoenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd., (Hoenergy) is located in Shanghai, China and was established in 2005. It is an international high-tech enterprise and is committed to become a smart green energy solution provider with global influence. Hoenergy has been deeply involved in the field of green energy for many years, using AI intelligence, big data analysis, smart cloud platform and other energy digital technologies to provide high-quality system solutions for solar energy, energy storage, microgrid, integrated energy and other fields.
Hoenergy has carried out production, academic research and development cooperation with many scientific research institutions for a long time. Focusing on the research and development of core energy storage technologies,

Hoenergy strives to create a full range of energy storage products to build the core competitiveness of the brand with continuous technological innovation.
Green energy and low carbon is the common expectation of the world, and it is also the goal that Hoenergy is striving for.In the future, the team of Hoenergy will take firm steps to deepen the application of digital energy storage technology, continue to solve the hard issue of the industry, promote the rapid development of the green energy industry, and make unremitting efforts to build a green and beautiful global home.

Core Advantages

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With the top scientific research talents in various fields, efficient operation of automated production base, covering a comprehensive and fast response sales service network

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Development Timeline

Our History


2008-2012 Solar projects and BIPV

2008, Vanke City Huaxinyuan and other projects won the Shanghai Magnolia and other awards.
2009, Built the green energy project of the Shanghai World Expo.
2011, Participated in the construction of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Support Program Renewable Energy and Building Integration Demonstration Project construction.
2011, Participated in the compilation of solar energy technical regulations and solar energy design atlases, and won the third prize of the national "Architectural Engineering Standard Design".


2012-2016 Distributed integrated energy solutions

2012, Held the distributed integrated energy design competition.
2012, Built the green energy projects of Pudong and Hongqiao airports.
2013, Cooperated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to establish a production-academic-research base.
2014, Won the bid for the Strategic centralized procurement project of China Merchants Group and Kaisa Group.
2015, Participated in the compilation of Shanghai Green Building Standards and Shanghai Renewable Energy Acceptance Standards.


2016-2018 The era of smart energy based on Internet of Things technology

2016, Participated in the compilation of Shanghai Renewable Energy Nuclear Quantitative Standards.
2017, Started strategic cooperation with China Resources Group.
2018, Hoenergy headquarters relocated to new office building.
2018, Cooperated with Shanghai Institute of Building Research on production-academic-research.
2018, Won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".
2018, Participated in the compilation of Shanghai Green IDC Standards.


2019-2022 Energy storage system solutions and related series of products

2019, Hoenergy storage business segment was established.
2020, Completed the first integrated solar storage project.
2020, Cooperated with Shanghai University of Technology to establish a production-academic-research base.
2021, Established energy storage R&D centers in Shanghai and Nanjing .
2022, 1GW energy storage PACK automated production line went into operation in Shanghai.
2022, Participated in the compilation of the national standard "Technical Specifications for Independent Microgrid Energy Management System".


Our Culture



To create a smart green energy solution provider with global influence


Practice the concept of green development and improve the ecological living environment


Candid, Positive, Persistent and mutual benefit

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