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Hoenergy's single hybrid inverter receives Italian certification

On December 7th, in Italy, Hoenergy received the Italian CEI 0-21 certification for its single hybrid inverter and low voltage battery R-5.12L. This is a major step forward for Hoenergy in the Italian market and a key to unlock the Italian new energy market.

Globally, the fight against climate change has become one of the central issues for all governments. In general, the international policy framework to tackle climate change includes setting net zero emissions targets, introducing action plans around carbon neutrality, withdrawing coal power, curbing methane emissions, implementing carbon pricing policies such as carbon taxes and carbon trading, and implementing energy efficiency improvements in sectors such as buildings. To date, more than 130 countries and regions around the world have proposed net-zero or carbon-neutral targets.

Italy, being in the European region, has the same need. China has long played an important role in Italy's green energy sector. "A large part of the Italian PV market comes from China", says Luca Lacoboni, Climate and Energy Programme Officer at the Greenpeace Italy office. China dominates the global solar energy supply chain, which includes the manufacture of silicon wafers (the thin sheets of semiconductor used in solar cells).

Hoenergy will therefore continue its efforts in the new energy market to contribute to the global green zero/low carbon emissions.

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