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How do you deal with Power Outrages in this Super-Hot-Summer?!

The heat these days is just unbearable !! How do you deal with power outrages in this Super-Hot- Summer? 

The continued high temperature has accelerated the rise of social electricity consumption. Another round of peak electricity is coming. The power load in many places in China has climbed to a record high. 

There is a shortage of electricity supply in many countries around the world. The power load of the power grid in many provinces has reached new high. Successive days of high-temperature weather have kept the load on the grid at a real high level! Several power experts pointed out that this year may become the most severe year of power supply in recent years. Recently, many countries around the world have experienced tight or even shortages of electricity supply.

More than 1 billion people worldwide are reportedly plagued by occasional power outages, and there is little sign of any relief at this time. The power supply crisis caused by high temperatures is a common problem facing all countries in the world. As a global digital energy storage advocate and one-stop smart green energy solution provider, Hoenergy has given a set of perfect solutions - a household smart energy storage all in one series. 

Hoenergy Smart ESS (Energy storage system) All-in-one Cabinet provides a stable power supply. 

The product is mainly composed of high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries and smart energy storage inverters. 

When there is sufficient light during the day, the excess power generation of the rooftop photovoltaic system is stored in the energy storage system, and the power of the energy storage system is released at night to supply power to the household load to achieve self-sufficiency in household energy management, which greatly improves the economy of the new energy system.

At the same time, when the power outrage suddenly happens, the energy storage system can take over the power demand of the whole house in time, with a single battery capacity of 5.12kWh and a maximum battery stacking capacity of 30.7kWh, providing a stable power supply for the family.

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